The Joy of Feeding Garden Birds

The Joy of Feeding Garden Birds

There are few things that instill such joy and wonder in me than feeding the birds that visit my garden. It feeds my soul. And it instills in me a sense of childlike wonder and awe. I constantly catch myself gazing at their bright colours, funny mannerisms and listening to their mesmerising song. 

Apart from it being such a pleasant and relaxing past-time, feeding garden birds can contribute to their wellbeing and conservation too. Birds often find themselves competing for food and habitat in an ever modernising world. This causes great stress to them, and by offering a safe garden and complimentary feeding, helps to offset this.

Wild garden bird seed is easy to find, and smaller birds such as sparrows and robin-chat’s, especially enjoy eating this. To attract larger birds such as pigeons and doves, I often spread a handful or two of crushed maize on the ground. During the colder winter months, I supplement their diet with suet blocks. My favourite feathery visitors are the purple-crested Turaco’s, who especially enjoy their daily helping of sweet apples. Make sure to regularly clean your feeders and keep fresh water nearby.

So go on – go and feed your soul and feed the birds. Who doesn’t want such beautiful living assets to gawk at after a busy day?

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